Caleb Dunlap, Photographer

Caleb Dunlap is a photographer and owner of Good Eye

Photography. He shares his unique point of view through his camera lens. Caleb is a member artist at The Art Department, and an advocate and inspiration for individuals like himself who have Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities.

Portland, Maine

I love Maine because my family is here. I graduated from college here and live downtown. Portland is a friendly place and many people are kind. I am part of the community and my neighborhood. There are people from all over the world. We like to share our stories with each other. We take care of each other.  My family, teachers, friends and my faith help me live out my dreams.

My Photography

Portland is a good place to take photographs.

When I put my eye into the camera, I see nature and buildings close-up.


When I take a picture of the clouds, I feel like a cloud.


When I take a picture of a building, I feel like the building.


I want people who see my photos to feel things too. I hope your eyes will be opened by my photographs and about Down syndrome as well.

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Portland, Maine

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